Dear RAJMAAI Members,

We are writing to you today with exciting news that our alma mater S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur is celebrating the 75th Anniversary Platinum Jubilee, on March 4th 5th, 2023. As you know, S.M.S. Medical College is one of the very few medical institutes to have completed proud 75 years from its inception. This medical college has long history of providing excellent well trained, and talented physicians like yourself. On this occasion of Platinum Jubilee, we are planning to invest in several projects to commemorate the occasion, and we are hoping to count on your generous contributions.

The projects we are planning to invest in the following projects:

A) A digital studio, including a cyber zone with 60 desktop computers. This will provide multimedia live stream lectures and resources for medical students to stay up to date with latest medical advancement as well as ability to interact with faculty and colleagues in India and USA. We believe that digital studio will be a great asset to our medical students.

B) I am sure you remember our canteen in the college! It is time to modernize and improve the cafeteria to make it more comfortable and inviting for students and faculty alike.

C) Dr P.C. Dandiya Sport Complex, by generous contribution of Dr Rohit Dandiya.

D) A library building by Dr. Rajendra Bansal, Bansal family Foundation.

Our goal is to collect as much as $100,000 and we are asking you to make your generous tax exempted contributions via www.RAJMAAI.Com or mail your contribution to:

Bharat Gupta MD, President RAJMAAI
30 Compass Is, Fort Lauderdale FL 33308.

Your generous contributions will be greatly appreciated and will help us build a better future for our students and faculty. We thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you soon.


The SMS Medical College Platinum Jubilee Committee, RAJMAAI